About Us

toysHi I’m Stacy, and I’m Pete, and we are the husband and wife team of Stacy’s PetPorium. We, along with our two children reside in the Litchfield County town of Watertown, located in western Connecticut. We were both raised in households that had been occupied by a variety of animals. As a couple, there has never been an extended period of time that our family circle did not include the companionship of at least two dogs at any given time. Our list of companions over the years goes on to include fresh water fish, chinchillas, rabbits, cats, dogs, horses, not to mention rescued raccoons that had enjoyed a short stay. We suppose this is why our family has such a strong “Passion for Pets.”

While exploring possible whereabouts to settle our initial business locale, our target was to find a near-by warm & gracious community, providing some good ole easy back to basics ambiance. Ultimately, we’re quite confident we scored a bull’s-eye when we decided to provide our services in the friendly and tranquil town of Litchfield, Ct.

Our Mission

endcapsIt is our mission to benefit as much of the pet population as possible through our continued research and self-enlightenment with regards to quality pet nutrition, care and needs. We strive to emphasize to pet owners, benefits their pets can expect when quality nutritional & care measures are in place. We also strongly underscore the topic of unwanted pets and the importance of animal population control by reminding pet owners of our moral responsibilities with regards to spaying and neutering.

We are dedicated to making your experience here at Stacy’s PetPorium a most gratifying encounter as a result of knowledgeable, attentive, professional customer service delivered in a warm & friendly and ever so inviting setting.

It is truly our wish, when a customer leaves Stacy’s PetPorium, they do so happy, and they do so sharing our motivational mindset by having a strong “Passion for Pets.”